CRMS v1.0

Unless you've been ignoring the trend, Myspace and other Social Networking sites just like it have taken over the internet, all within a relatively short period of time! If you've been to Myspace, you've certainly seen the customizing they let you do to your profile, all the graphics, entire profile designs. Websites that produce or host that kind of content are pulling in money every hour of every day doing nothing but providing colorful graphics to users of Social Networking sites.

If you've been looking for an online business to start, this is it, or if you already own a site that offers layouts and graphics to users, please continue reading as it may be time to upgrade to a more powerful content management system.

This is your key to runnning a successful Social Network resource site. We've put together the most powerful script available on the market, that lets you take control of its features to help corner the market and increase your ROI.

Here's a list of the current features available:

Mass Layout Import

Say goodbye to the tedious task of adding layouts one at a time, over and over again. With our mass layout import system you simply upload the layouts to your import folder, and a with a click of a button CRMS handles everything for you. This import system gives you the flexibility of multiple image types (inc. .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, and .png). No need to add image urls to the CSS code, we handle that for you as well.

Mass Image Import

Our Mass Image import system allows you to choose a category to store the images, and simply upload images to any directory you'd like and also provide 3 Alternate Image locations for each image. This is a complete solution for webmasters who have large sets of images and don't need to spend a week adding images and entering alternate image urls for them.

Auto Tagging [Watermark]

CRMS also provides an auto tagging solution for both non-animated Layouts and Images. When using the Mass Layout import or Add Image features CRMS can 'tag' or watermark each image automatically. You can provide 3 different watermark images for Layouts (1 for the background image, contact table and extended network banner). This feature works off of the GD Image library.

Subcategories for both Layouts and Images

You can also setup subcategories through the admin panel to allow your users a quicker path to finding the layouts and images they are looking for. This feature is especially a plus for categories like "Holidays", where you can separate between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Layouts in up to 2 primary categories and 1 subcategory

Layouts are available to be placed in up to 2 primary categories and also 1 subcategory. Layouts in 2 primary categories is a plus if for example you have an animated layout thats also a quotes or girly layout now you don't have to choose between which category to put the layout in, pick both.

Search Engine Friendly URLs

We know how important search engine rankings can be to these type of websites and getting every possible page crawled by the search engines is certainly a plus. Thats why all of the pages created and accessed under CRMS are entirely Search Engine Friendly.

Custom Meta tags

Going right along with the search engine topic, CRMS, also allows for completely custom meta tags for each category, subcategory, individual layout page, and content page allowing for more accurate crawls of your site.

Custom HTML Inserts

You can say goodbye to a static "Get more Layouts and Images at" with CRMS you can customize your HTML Inserts (Backlinks) for each category and subcategory - so now instead of only being able to have 'get more layouts at...' you have the option of putting 'get more christmas layouts at...' or 'get more hip hop layouts at..' etc.

Ad Management

We know that the main reason most webmasters start these sites is to make a great ROI, which is why CRMS allows you to add up to 8 different ads from within the admin panel. They can all vary in size depending on your preference, ad company preference, etc. and can easily be edited at anytime from within the admin panel.

Site updates / Blog

Add some flavor to your website, let your visitors know about the latest updates / happenings that are going on with you and your website. CRMS has a update center where you can post updates that are automatically seen by your visitors on your main page.

Myspace Div Layout code Support

Have a few div layouts that you need to put up? No Problem, CRMS has Div Layout support for your users to see the layout in action, and properly get the codes. [Alternate image urls for Div Layouts is not currently available]

Ability to add codes for up to 6 additional social networks

With the ever changing world of social networks, it can be a pain to get setup for one particular network only to find another one is on the move to being more popular. We've taken that into account and support adding up to 6 different layout codes per layout. So if you know that a layout you have for Myspace would look great on Friendster, just add that code and it will automatically be available to your users.

Ajax Rating system

Let your visitors tell you what they think of your layouts. Easy to use 5 star rating system lets them vote for their favorite layout.

Comments system

Available on individual layout pages, your visitors can leave comments about how much they love the layout, or even your site. HTML is disabled so no need to worry about link spam, comments can also be edited or deleted via the admin panel.

Top Layouts system

Let your visitors know the most popular layouts you have on your site. CRMS gives you the flexibility to list by number of views or downloads per layout and the number of layouts you'd like to list. Top 5, 10, 20, 100 however many you'd like.

Flash Generators / Widgets

CRMS comes preloaded with 6 different Flash generators for you to use on your site, these items are extremely popular amongst visitors.

Full Template system

CRMS is a template driven system. You can change the look of your entire site with the click of a button. We've included 5 templates to show you how different you can make your site look so you never have to worry about looking exactly like another site. We're also willing to offer support in template development so you can get started on making your template, or even making templates for other users of CRMS.

Alternate Image Hosting

A big concern with webmasters and these type of sites is bandwidth, as hosting images to be used by thousands of users can quickly take up a months worth of bandwidth in days. Hopefully we can relieve that stress, CRMS allows up to 3 alternate image locations for layouts and images. For layouts you can have up to 3 alternate image locations for the background image, contact image, and network image. This feature is hidden from your users as in the CSS code they will only see "", this way you can change alternate image locations at any time and the user is never effected.

No coding required
Don't like a certain feature? Don't want ratings or comments? No Problem! Features can be turned on and off via a single click in the Admin panel, you can toggle between showing or not showing ratings, comments, number of layouts per category, number of graphics per category, and more giving you more time to focus on marketing your site rather than trying to code it.

Template Demos:

Bluestars Live Demo
Prowhite Screenshot Demo
Light Splash Screenshot Demo
Rose Screenshot Demo
Blue Green Screenshot Demo

Special Intro Price: $197 $127

We are now including over 150 Myspace Layouts and over 2,200 Glitter images at NO EXTRA COST!

Myspace Layout Previews:
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